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Sara, deconstructed.

So, in my first post I told you everything I’m not. Now we can dig into the good stuff! According to Buzzfeed, Mindy Kaling would play me in a movie about my life. I’m flattered and think she would have a blast digging into this role. I’m 31, and very happy to be in my thirties but also shaking in my boots because that make me old (by the standards of my ten year old know-it-all self).

I am a left-handed, Gemini, only child as I like to point out in all of my online dating profiles. And yes, that means I’m single. Or divorced. Depending on the boxes provided to check. That right there is enough to blog about for years – all the mishaps and laughter of marriage, divorce, and online dating that I’ve experienced. I also love to travel, as far and as often as I can – which unfortunately isn’t often enough since I work for a non-profit saving cats and dogs (not always successfully).

I use my spare time to digest all the Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pinterest, and EHarmony I can when I’m not out finding new restaurants or outdoor spaces to revel in this thing called life. I also occasionally show up on the internet, playing video games while drinking and providing commentary with my good friend and supporter of my blogging endeavors, Curley. Oh, and there’s this crazy idea I had to sign up for a half-marathon this coming January – so I spend a fair amount of time running (or sweating and wheezing depending on the weather). And then there’s my dog Finn, who is so stinking cute I’ve moved several times just to keep him in my life. He keeps me and my old lady cat Lola in check, should we ever start to think he’s perfect.