About this girl

I’m Sara Miles (my friends call me Smiles) – a native of San Diego, a runner, a girl making a life for herself. I share my free time with one 15 year old beautiful feline named Lola and a rambunctious 7 year old mini-mutt named Finn.

It’s been a long road for me to get here. To be a woman blazing through obstacles and making this life my own. I’ve been single, married, divorced, depressed, fat, fit, at the bottom, at the top. And where is here exactly? It’s a life that is uniquely and truly me.

– I am left handed.
– I am an only child.
– I am an intersectional feminist.
– I am scared of horses and work in animal welfare.
– The house I grew up in was sold last year and is now a fire station demolished.
– Neither of my parents graduated college, but I did!
– I cry, a lot. I cry when I’m happy and sad, when things inspire me, when things shake me.

This blog is for women and the people that love them. I want you to find something here that makes you feel normal and in good company. I think so much of what you find on the internet today is what you should be, the perfect version of whatever you want to be. But what about the version of who you are? Why not find something great in that?


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This is my story, one piece of emotional baggage at a time.