Welcome to my mess!

Why am I unpacking? Well, I like to move and grow. I like to start over from scratch just as much as I like to build on what I already have. My life is a constant stream of starting something new and unpacking the literal and emotional baggage I’ve brought with me. In the literal sense, I’ve moved 9 times in the last eleven years. In the emotional sense, I’ve lost and forged more relationships than I can count in those same eleven years. I’m 31 now, I am just beginning to get a sense of who I am. Writing has always been a safe place for me, and if I’m not writing I’m reading someone else’s words. Livejournal was my home eleven years ago, but we both grew up and apart and I’ve been looking for a new “home” ever since. The perfectionist that I am struggled for a long time with becoming a blogger – it’s something I’ve been drawn to since my early days on the internet, but I never fit a niche so it seemed like something I shouldn’t do. I’m not a mommy blogger, a chef, a gamer, a fashionista, an expert on any one thing in particular. Except for me. I’m an expert in my own experiences. And I’ve realized in the last few years that my experiences are just as important as anyone else’s. So, here I go. I’m going to put my life on the internet for people to relate to or challenge and see where it takes me. Hopefully you’ll come along for the ride.


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